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    A few weeks ago when palm had their server issues, I lost the Preware app on my Palm Pre. When I added it back on, it showed no patches as installed. I have it set to not show installed patches in the feeds, but my patches were right there. What bothers me is that the patches are still on the device and functioning normally.

    When I reinstalled them, them, the installed fine, and a message said something like "interesting, this patch is already installed." After reinstalling, they show on the list.

    My problem is that I don't remember what patches I had and I'm still missing about 12 from the list. Is there a way to scan or anything to find these, or should I visit Dr. and start all over?
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    what version of preware do you have? 1.x? Also, what version of webOS?

    and, do you have certain feeds disabled in preware feed mgmt? Not sure if that would matter, but you might want to check it...
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    Go to list of evrything in preware, type emergency patch installer. Use this to get your patches recognised.
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    ERU in preware Emergency Reconstruction Utility.
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    open preware and go into installed packages them patches ,to see what patches are installed . not sure if this is what your asking really. lol

    also there is a rescan feature in preware app in the menu under luna manager could this be what your looking for ?
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    I have the latest verson of webOS and Preware. I tried the rescanning feature under LUNA manager, but that didn't help. I'll try that ERU thing.

    My main concern is later down the road, if I have to remove a patch or add one with similar features as one installed. I'll let y'all know what happens.
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    ERU didn't do least I don't think it did. I really wasn't sure how to run it.

    Any other ideas? I'm down visiting family, so before I leave, I may just run the dr and start from scratch. I don't have Sprint signal where I live, so I won't be able to sign onto my Palm Profile, but I can download apps through wi-fi.
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    I could have sworn I just replied to this same thread.
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    Are there other options if ERU doesn't work? I installed it through Preware, nothing else happened. Went back into preware and it still says patches are not installed.

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