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    Was checking out my co-workers Droid incredible and she had an app called white noise that plays nature sounds and has a timer for it. I love to have nature sounds playing in the background when I'm sleeping or taking a nap and just recently thought it would be cool to have that on the Palm Pre. Any developers working on that??
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    Search for Rockus Sound Machine
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    thanks, I think I saw that app before. But with a name like rockus, I just assumed it was an app that made raucous sounds.
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    We have an app coming out called EasyDreams:
    On twitter:
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    got "sounds and songs of the humpback whales" from amazon when I needed a filler for a few bucks; the sounds are incredibly beautiful and relaxing, track runs for about 59 minutes.
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    Good info. Wish I had read it before getting the EasyDreams one. Live and learn huh?
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    you can add your own to the music player, and create a playlist just for that. Wow that's a good idea, I could use that myself. Lol
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    I just wanted to point out our product page for the Rockus Sound Machine: Rockus Sound Machine Rockus Studios - Pre App Development

    We currently have the following sounds
    * Airplane Interior
    * Applause
    * Cars Driving
    * Chimes
    * Crickets
    * Fire
    * Frogs
    * Lapping Waves
    * Ocean Waves
    * Rain
    * Rainforest
    * Static
    * Storm
    * Stream
    * Vacuum
    * Waterfall
    * Whale Song
    * Wind Storm

    There are also updates coming fairly soon that will add an updated white noise sound as well as the most popular sounds from the Rockus Sound Sampler (free app).
    Thanks for check out Rockus apps (and no we don't have a fart machine
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    Thought I'd also post back here and just give you all better information and our product page link.

    EasyDreams - Relaxing Nature Sounds

    Official Palm link:
    EasyDreams Nature Sounds | Palm

    We are the only nature sounds app with:
    * A completely customizable timer you can set to over 9 hours
    * 10 high quality nature sounds all at least 6 minutes long
    * Mix and match all sounds
    * Add your own music!
    * An alarm option for naps
    * Built in beautiful clock!

    We just released 2.0.1 which fixes a couple bugs and speeds up the app overall!

    EasyDreams: Nature Sounds, Nap Timer, White Noise & More.
    EasyDreams - Nature Sounds, White Noise & Nap Timer
    Follow us on twitter @easydreamsapp

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