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    Hello all, I'm a new develop and just finished submitting my first app to the catalog (EasyDreams, see more on twitter @EasyDreamsApp).

    I'm looking to get started on another and have a couple rough ideas I thought I'd throw out:

    • PrivateNotes - Just like the notes app but you can set a password on individual notes
    • FamilyTracker - If your kid has a Pre/Pixi, they start this app when they go out and give it your email address, it will send you emails of their location every XX minutes
    • SuperAlarms - Like the clock app, but gives you better fine-grained control of alarms and the days they go off

    I'm open to suggestions, recommendations and am currently reading through the many "app request" threads but would love input from you guys.

    Edit: I'd also be willing to look into doing a app. Post here if you'd be interested.
    Edit 2: Looks like Mint has no public APIs... I'll shoot them an email.
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    instead of private apps, you could just make a patch to the existing "memos" app, which'd be bad *** the same goes for "messaging"
    i like the familytracker idea though.
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    how would you auto send those email, there is no api to auto send emails, so you'll have to be using a server.
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    If you could get what you need for a app, count me in! I'd definitely pay for that in a second! That's probably the most important missing app for me right now.


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