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    How To Create a LaunchPoint Contact Icon Overlay

    Hello guys, here is a tutorial instructing you how to create LaunchPoint (a steal at $0.99 in the catalog, currently) contact icon overlay. I figured this would be a helpful tutorial some people, and hopefully a good way to enter the contest for the $500 that WorthWhile Tech is giving away. Let's get started!

    First, what is a contact icon overlay?
    It's a mouthful, but all it means is a simple image overlay that goes over each of the icons produced by LaunchPoint. You can have an overlay for ALL LaunchPoint-produced icons, or individual overlays for Email Launchpoints, Phone Launchpoints, Text Launchpoints, etc. For now, I'm just going over how to create overlays that apply to ALL Launchpoints.

    Now, what will you need to do this?
    1. An image editing program such as Photoshop (shown in the video) Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc.
    2. A Pre/Pixi with LaunchPoint installed. That's it, zero coding required! :-)

    Video Walkthrough

    Steps Required (If you'd rather read than watch the above movie...)
    1. Create an image 64px wide and 64px tall
    2. Draw/create your overlay (watch the video and view my samples for more information*)
    3. Save your image as "default.png"
    4. Plug in your Pre/Pixi and set it to USB mode
    5. Go to your phone's root folder, and go to the ".launchpoint" folder.
    6. Place your overlay ("default.png") directly into this folder.
    7. Eject/disconnect your phone
    8. Reset or Rescan** your phone! (Don't forget this step!)
    9. Create a new Launchpoint! (Old icons will not be updated with your new overlay, you'll have to create new ones.)

    *Any transparent or partially transparent portions of the overlay will allow the contact icon to show through. Any non-transparent pixels will become the overlay itself. Think of it as putting a photo inside a photo frame with a glass cover. The glass lets the photo show through, but the border of the photo frame does not.

    **Rescanning requires Preware. If you don't have Preware installed, just reset your phone instead. Rescanning is much faster though, and Preware is an awesome app, so why not use it? ;-)


    Please let me know what you think of this tutorial, and let me know if you guys have any questions. Thanks! For more information on customizing launchpad icons even more (by customizing phone, text, and email icons individually, for example) check out this link:

    -David, Lead Designer - Rhyne Media - Home
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