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    I know there is Flickr Addict, but it seems to be an app for just pulling off pics from Flickr for wallpaper. I was wondering if there has ever been an attempt to merely have a dedicated Flickr App instead of just accessing it from mobile website. Kind of like how we have a dedicated Facebook app instead of going to the mobile website.

    Do we? I have searched but haven't found anything.

    Just curious.
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    Well I am not sure. These look like apps for uploading to your Flickr account. I don't have a problem with that (I use PixelPipe typically for those needs). I just want to be able to log into my Flickr account and peruse my photos and account there as needed. I know it can be done vie the mobile website, I just like having dedicated apps.
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    I'm the author of Flickr Addict. I'm working on a full Flickr app, but it'll be quite a while until it's finished. I'm surprised that no one else has written one yet to be honest.

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    ive had a few discussions with Shane via email about his app. does anyone have ideas about how to develop and app that has the option to display all images in portrait and in full screen without pixilation?

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a zoom to fit screen setting for backgrounds. I'd prefer that to rotate to fit. Most of the pictures I get (tags: scenic and scenery) should have a higher resolution than the original pre, to zoom to fit would still look fine right? And not pixilated? That would be a great feature to have!

    HI Patrick,

    The original size of the photos is much larger than the Pre. However,
    those can be many megabytes in size each and would take forever to
    download (as well as kill your battery), so I download the ones that
    fit the screen. If these were zoomed they would definitely get
    pixellated. An earlier version of Flickr Addict did this, but so many
    people complained about the quality that I removed it.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, let me know if you think of something else,


    So it now works that you shrik the photo to fit the width of the pre screen? So it would shrink it till it's 320 pixels wide right? Could there be an option to shink the photo to match the hight of the pre instead? So making the image 480 pixels tall, and cropping off the sides of the picture if they are wider than 320 pixels?

    Just wondering

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