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    nearMe is a simple, fast and focused look up for Places and Events, near you, using GPS or zip code for faster lookups.

    Once you've found a Place, you can do any of the following:

    Email the Place result to yourself or a friend
    Click the phone number link to call the Place
    Click their website link or the Yahoo! Local link to view more information about the Place
    Read reviews about the Place
    Write your own review, require a Yahoo! login

    If you're traveling to the Place, click the Map link to start the Google Maps app. There you can see the exact location and get driving directions.

    Looking for something to do, use nearMe to search for Events in your area. Event lookup also uses GPS or zip code. Enter no information and get a list of events sorted by start date, name or distance. If you want to be more specific, search by Event name, venue or description, category, start date or end date.

    Once you find an event, email the Event result to yourself or a friend then click the Map link to use the Google Maps app to see the exact location and get driving directions. Other Event details include address, distance, date and time and may include the following:

    Ticket information
    Ticket link
    Event link

    nearMe uses Yahoo!'s YQL, Yahoo! Query Language. Through YQL, nearMe retrieves Place data from Yahoo! Local and Event data from Yahoo! Upcoming.

    Download from the app catalog

    Please email with any questions or issues.
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    Great, fast app - appreciate the lightweight interface, and that all of my entry happens in one scene, with almost no scrolling needed! Nice job!

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