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    OK...i'm having an issue with Pandora/Slacker apps. My issue is that the apps are only playing about the first 5-10 seconds of the song then skipping to the next song. I do listen to these alot since I commute about 2-3hrs a day. I am using a touchstone but this even happens if not on touchstone. I believe it's an overheating issue but not certain. I just usually quit apps and play songs on my Pre using Music Player(Remix). Sometimes i'll let it skip for awhile (about 5-10min) until it starts playing complete songs. I got worried when someone suggested that i was frying my phone. Sooo is it an overheat issue or app issue?
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    Pandora has done this to the first song that I've tried to play when leaving work every day this week. Only the first song, though. It has been unusually hot here in the northeast all week, and I hadn't connected touchstone temperature with the dropouts until you mentioned it. I'm running the stock kernel and not overclocking, BTW.....

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