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    I tried to lOOk for a solution of this simple procedure, but couldn't find one. I do think that YouTube app is a native webOS app. and so I thought this will be an appropriate forum to discuss a solution of this simple problem involving the YouTube app. Now I use a Pre-Plus from Verizon, just for the information only, as I think this is a device-independent question.

    Question is how to delete an already viewed video, from the list of such videos that form under the History option in the YouTube app., sequentially, i.e. one-at-a-time, as oppose to deleting all-at-once, by pressing the "Clear" button that appears at the bottom-right-hand-corner of the History list. Pressing that "Clear' button clears the entire list of videos under the History !!
    That is not always desirable.
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    i would like to see this....u should submit a patch idea in webos patches forum...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I think there is a patch which I downloaded through Preware, and which basically copies any video that one downloads on Youtube to the regular video app. Now this copying process is not automatic. One has to select for the "More' button, and then on the following screen tap the download option. This will really download the video, on which you tapped for the 'More" button, on the device(on my Pre+), and occupy the device memory. This is in contrast to playing directly from the web using the YouTube app., and so no tax on device memory.

    Now all these down-loaded songs sitting on my Pre+'s memory can be obviously brought under some file mgmt. system, and can be subject to sequential deleting process, all under Pre+'s regular video application. So I'm now trying to compromise between my Pre+'s memory space by down-loading mostly music-videos, and occassionally some other stuff, against my inability to have some decent edit feature on YouTube app. to do a sequential deletion process on a 'list' that i suppose exists on the device memory.
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