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    Companionlink has been driving me crazy with my attempts to sync my Pre with ACT. I have wasted several hours adjusting settings and working with tech support (who hates working with the Pre according to the person I dealt with most). It still does not work well. The contacts and contact histories mostly work. The calendar is hopeless. At one point the sync function duplicated dozens of records and calendar events in my ACT database.

    So, is this software working for anybody who uses ACT? I really, really want it to work but it's starting to look like I need to cut bait. I just wish I could get my money back.
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    The CTO pf CompanionLink hangs out in these forums. I'll try to dig up his name. He is not only helpful, but he should also know that his support people were diss-ing the Pre...

    I haven't used it with Act, but I had no problem using it with Outlook...
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    His name is:
    Wayland Bruns, CTO

    His user name is:

    You should send him a PM with what is in your original post... You are going right to the top...
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    I use it and it works. I sync act to google and than google to my pre.. It works but I would not know how to give technical support to make it work for you. But I did want to let you know that it does work.
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    bosabiline hello!

    Lots of people use CompanionLink and ACT! Based on your post one of my techs was able to identify you. We searched for all our customers in Abiline and there you were!

    I had a tech send you an email earlier today. Let's see if he can get your issues figured out. There are easy ways to clear up dupes if that is a problem. CompanionLink doesn't change the Contacts and Calendar on the Pre. But we supply synchronization to move data from ACT! to the onboard Contact and Calendar databases.

    And if you wish money back for CompanionLink, we cheerfully refund on request. No problems there. If you want, email me directly at

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    I use PocketMirror to sync my Pre with Outlook and I use CompanionLink's DoubleLook application to keep ACT in sync with Outlook. It's a match made in Heaven!
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    CompanionLink reps did contact me after this post and dived head first into solving my problems. We've made a lot of progress and we're still working on it. I upgraded to the professional version to get features that I either

    A) was getting but wasn't supposed to be getting with the express version


    B) Originally got from a trial period but were never properly purged when I started using the express version.

    Either way,it's working better. I will report back when it's completely fixed or we've stopped trying.
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    My phone developed the cracked screen issue and I just received a replacement phone. I expected this to be another battle to get companionlink working. However, synching ACT to my PRE was a piece of cake and it went much faster. I'm now a fan.
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    I have since switched to the wireless sync and it is fantastic. It is available only with the pro version.
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    I have been using Companion Link Pro with i clink and Act for a few years and it was working fine. In January i clinck was bought out by deja office. Since then I have had a night mare. My calendar schedule will not sinc. I have worked with everyone from companion link on this and there service has been very poor. Very difficult to get on the phone. Never return my calls. The last person was a so called EXPERT named Nicholas. They have taken my log file and said they would figure it out a week ago. Mean while one of thier reps had told me the problem is I needed to upgrade my CL Pro. I did and the 14 day trial is now long over so I would need to pay for it. If I did I would be in the same boat as I was since January. They are collecting my monthly fees but I am not getting any service. I have spent hours on this and it is effecting my business. Does anyone know of a better company out there? Are they the only one? If so you need to seriously consider how I have been treated before you hand them your $. I sent an email 2 days ago to them without a response back. I am very frustrated...

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