View Poll Results: How do you feel about someone winning 1st place two (or more) times in a row?

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  • okay by me - if they are that smart I'm more challenged to beat them next time

    4 80.00%
  • 2x is enough... make them sit out 2 weeks / Quests

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  • 3x is enough... make them sit out 3 weeks / Quests

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  • other... type it in your response

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    Hello, I developed an app called "Mobile Cash Quest" - it's a scavenger hunt you play on your Palm Pre/Pixi against other Palm owners...

    1st place wins a CASH prize.

    I have had a question come up about whether I should limit the number of times a person can win first place in a row...

    One group feels that the game is not fun if one person is a "rocket scientist" and keeps winning everytime...

    Another group feels that it would be no fun if they won knowing that I had disabled the "smart persons" account...

    If you are one of the Mobile Cash Quest-ers please vote in this poll to let me know how you feel...
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    I love your App and I think it's OK to win several times, even in a row. I saw "zoeandizzy" won both Quests that were out there until today, so they deserve their money.
    Actually I was the first person to reach the final Question in this weeks Birthdays riddle but I couldn't figure it out until some minutes ago... I do know everything about Chopin and Poe now! So I really feel challenged to beat them next week!
    You see, there are other players out there that will beat them, so zoeandizzy won't take all of your hard earned money...

    Btw. keep up your great work, really looking forward to playing another round next Monday!
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    If there's going to be some kind of limit it should be along the lines of: 4 consecutive wins = 2-3 week break. You could also add an incentive for people that win (? quests) to be able to design and submit their own Quests.
    Just my 2 ...spend one, save one.
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    I don't know? Maybe if they win 3 in a row they have to take a week off and let someone else try. This is kind of a toughy tho cuz it's kinda not fair if the person winning is doing it fair and square..

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