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    Title pretty much says it all. Thanks to James' awesome new ringtones app and me getting a bit carried away, I now have ~100 short mp3s that I could use for AM alarms instead of Pandora (more reliable). I'd like to know if one of our many alarmclock apps in the catalog (or homebrew) has the ability to randomly select what to use from local files. Thanks for reading!
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    As far as I'm aware this isn't possible right now... but I would recommend putting in a request to the developer of Timepiece. If any app could do it in the future, that's the one. Also, the dev has always been very responsive to feature suggestions.
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    You could get cron set up as outlined on the webos-internals site, and then just have a job that copies a random song to the one your alarm uses. You could do this for as many different alarms you have set.

    I really wish we could make 'launcher icons' in luna that just ran a back-end shell script. Then it'd be easy to write a wrapper around the clock app, for example, that would first do the shuffle.
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