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    Is there any way you can watch LIVE TV on the Palm Pre? I just want to watch the Stanley Cup Finals on it while I'm not home!

    Please let me know!
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    if you can connect a TV card in a PC that can encode in h.264 and then run a server that can stream h.264 (I know Helix from RealNetworks can, probably others that can), the Pre can handle it.

    Also, there is a service called ORB that might be able to do it. Search for ORB on the forums as I recall seeing something about setting that up...
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    This may make me sound like an *****, but I have no idea what you just said... lol
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    h.264 is the video format for most mobile phones. Basically, he's saying if your can stream it off your computer with helix, you'll get an address to connect to helix and then stream from your computer to your phone.
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    Here is info on using ORB.

    It assumes that your PC has a TV tuner that you can use for your video source. If that is too advanced, you should start by getting a TV tuner for your PC that you know would work with ORB - folks in this thread can help you chose the right tuner for your PC. Once you have TV running on your PC, you can use that forum to get it streaming to your phone...

    It wasn't too long ago and I didn't understand any of that stuff. Once you have the basics figured out, you will be able to do all kinds of cool things...
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    by the way, there are some great web radio apps available so you can at least listen to the games... check out "Radio Time" as a starting point...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisTML View Post
    This may make me sound like an *****, but I have no idea what you just said... lol
    then don't ask

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