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    I saw today that the iphone has a baby monitor app. I searched the apps here for one on my pixi but didn't find one. Does anyone know if there is one or if anyone is working on one. This would be a GREAT app if it worked and I would definitely buy it!!
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    hey i am looking for this too! can't keep track of my baby's feeding and diapers...

    My wife has an iphone and i am forced to use eatsleep lite

    I am a first time parent and would want to utilize and integrate my pre

    I found this app baby data for webos but its paid and the reviews didn't say its a good buy.
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    just as a work around, I downloaded the app. MyList and you can create a category where you can input time for baby feeding and diaper changes.

    it's a workable workaround
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    Yeah, but I want the feature where it calls your phone when your baby wakes up!!! How nice would that be?
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    how the hell would that work??
    you leave your pre in the baby's room or something?
    i'm asking seriously! not sure how you'd practically implement it.

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