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    Hi, Folks.

    Just got my new GSM Pre after a year+ wait.

    What's the front runner apps for accessing video, music, and photos over WiFi connected media server?

    I guess I'm assuming the Pre is uPnP compatible, forgot to look.

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    Enjoy. You probably know the drill, Preware ROCKS. And I just got the app called Wifi Media Sync. Havn't tried it yet, too busy, but you should check it out in the app catalogue.
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    I believe that's not what he's looking for. More like a UPnP streaming rom an UPnP server doing transcoding, like playing back video/music on an PS3, but on a Pre instead.

    My N810 does that, the built in Media Player and MPlayer handles it. In fact I'm looking for one too. Comes in handy at times.

    Something like this:
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    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

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    wouldn't it make more sense for the Pre to be the uPnP client?
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    Yes, I have a media server, TVersity.

    I was hoping to use my Palm Pre as I did my Nokia 800, to stream media on the Pre. That feature of the client is uPnP, right?
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    I run the Rhapsody UPnP server on my PC, and I'd like to be able to stream it to my Pre as the client. However, Panodora has made that less important these days...
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    I have video as well on my media server.

    I can, however, type in the IP address of my server, into the Pre browser and get the media folders, and stream music. But, stream video, not yet.

    I guess the Palm Pre is not uPnP compliant?
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    UPNP is really missing
    Would need UPNP media rendered /Streamer & controller !
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    Quote Originally Posted by migu_be View Post
    UPNP is really missing
    Would need UPNP media rendered /Streamer & controller !
    uPNP and DLNA would both be nice on webOS and on the TouchPad. I have the 32gb TP and noticed transfer speeds via USB being pretty sluggish. It would be much easier to load them on my NAS that already has DLNA and uPNP serving and then just use the TP for playback only.

    I need to try Playon that streams via a web server and allows we content on any device (xbox, ps3, etc). Maybe it supports broadcasting local content (m4v, mp4, mp3, etc) to webOS devices? Sorli...
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    I've been working on an app to play media from the a UPnP server
    UPnP AV Player for HP Touchpad : Norvinet
    I still need to do some testing on a real device, but should be ready soon.

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