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    I have some long flights coming up, and I'm looking for something to do with my Pre. Could be games or just about anything.

    What are your favorite apps that do not require a connection?
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    I have the perfect app suggestion... VisualBoyAdvance
    This app plus a library of thousands of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games can keep you entertained for many, many hours.
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    Snakes on a plane!! ....... but seriously i would have to say The Settlers, Monopoly, Glyder 2, Asphalt 5, Transformers G1 (im biased on this one :P ), Mini Golf: Whacky Worlds, Deer Hunter, Super KO Boxing 2 ....... just to name a few :P


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    as long as you use a headset, the 3-d games are all fun. My favorite is HAWX
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkenedreality View Post
    Snakes on a plane!!
    OK, you got me!

    If you like Freecell solitaire, this version is great! And free!

    If you like crossword puzzles, may I suggest (wait for it...) Crosswords? That one is a bit spendy ($10), but the implementation is really good. Actually, I'm still working on the free version Crossword Light. That one comes with 30 crossword puzzles. If you get the full version, be sure the crossword games you want are downloaded before you go.

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    Newsroom is a great RSS feed reader. Just open the app before you leave and you will be able to catch up on all your fav's.
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    Paintr Lite - If you like drawing
    5000 Quotes - If you want some wisdom
    Glyder 2 - Fun and relaxing game where you fly through places and grab stuff.
    Gangstar - A mini Grand Theft Auto.
    Need for Speed Undercover - Fun racing game.
    Let's Golf - Fun golf game.
    X-Plane 9 - Relaxing flight simulator.
    Connect 4 - Looks good and is fun for anyone who's played and likes this game.
    Mahjong Solitaire - Fun game where you match up tiles together
    Virus Defense - A tower defense game. Not great but pretty good.
    Cloud Hopper - Really addictive game where you try and get as high up as you can.
    Helicopter Game - Addictive game where you try and fly as far as you can.
    Critical Mass - Used to be known as chain reaction, you plant a ball and try and get as many balls stuck to it as you can.
    Skybox - Good game with nice visuals where you try and put together blocks to make up an image as fast as you can.
    Blackout - Fun game where you try and turn off all the lights.

    That's all I can think of that wouldn't need an internet connection to be good.
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    preader and lots of books.
    Laissez Faire
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    preader and lots of books.
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    I enjoyed Critical Mass on my last flight.

    Along the same lines, I love to listen to audio books, but I'm having a time finding a good source... anyone have any good suggestions on where to download them?
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    I wish WebOS or maybe it is the hardware, have better battery life while playing MP3 or video files... its pathetic compared to the ipod touch / iphone
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    Thanks for the ideas! I got Glyder 2, which seems like a good time waster so far...
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    drPodder (I always have several podcasts downloaded which I can listen to).
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    Quote Originally Posted by fubka View Post
    I wish WebOS or maybe it is the hardware, have better battery life while playing MP3 or video files... its pathetic compared to the ipod touch / iphone
    My laptop will run for 8 hours straight, and it will charge my Pre even when it is off. So that should be worth several days of Pre use, 24/7. So battery isn't a problem.
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