My Ipod touch running OS 2.x has a neat app that scans the local wifi environment, then lists (even if it doesn't know the networks name) all networks in range, their signal strength in decibels, and what channel they are on. This is handy in high-density housing areas so i can figure out which channels are free, or at least have the least number of networks running on it. (Ever seen how many networks are on default channel 6?)

Details can be found here:
WiFinder iPhone app takes the pain out of finding open WiFi networks

and here:
Review: WiFinder for iPhone Review | Mobile | iPhone Central | Macworld

Apple killed wifinder with the release of os 3. I was lucky and was told of wi-finders death before i made the mistake and upgraded to os 3.

Surely someone here can build something similar for WebOS? Please? If you build it, you already have one customer waiting!