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    Folks, change your Pre/Pixi browser bookmark to this URL to land on the regular Live Feed page every time you use the bookmark:

    http ://www . facebook . com/home.php?sk=lf

    (Enter it without the spaces, of course; I typed them here so you can read the link URL instead of seeing the page name that this forum forces on links.)

    Very simple!
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    i just put in www and it fixed mine
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    I can get to the full site just fine. Does anyone have any tips on how to get back to the home page without having to go back a bunch of times?
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    If you only have to go back one or two pages, use the back button. If multiple pages, use your bookmark.
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    still get redirected if I try to nav much.... Atleast I can hide the newest BS suville or whatever...i have a couple FB people that play every thing ever put on fb...
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    Is anybody else not able to get to their Facebook Inbox on the regular site? If I click on the sidebar thing to go there, it just gives the three moving dots forever without loading the actual thing (it used to work, though). If I click on a new message in the notification bar on the Web site, it'll bring me to Facebook Mobile.
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