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    This crap started on my phone last night. Nothing is working. Keeps redirecting me to the stupid touch site. Who uses the touch site anymore? I mean really!
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    Your bookmark needs to be: http:// www. facebook. com /home.php#/home.php?sk=lf (without the spaces, of course, but with them this site turns it into a link with page title instead of showing the URL). That takes you to the Live Feed page.

    However, until today (er, yesterday now...), clicking on a link in the top menu to get back to the LF page after you've gone to somebody else's page worked fine. Now if you click it, it takes you to the dumb mobile page. So, you have to use your back button or your bookmark.

    And, no, the m.facebook page is definitely not the same as the regular Facebook site. There is a lot missing from it and it is a pain to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom View Post is not the same. It's crappy. It doesn't display user thumb photos, no chat, and it looks awful. What's the purpose of having a smartphone that can access the "real" internet if ur redirected to crappy mobile sites?...the real one is working fine for me using the link a few guys have posted. Only prob is my news feed won't update to "most recent" for some reason.

    Yeah...well...i dont think you want to use facebook chat on the small screen, You have to keep zooming in and out, eventually, you'll get tired of it. About the news feeds, that problem has always being there for the past month or more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom View Post
    we have a winner! Muchas gracias.
    you welcome just bookmark the link!
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    Link doesn't work for me, still redirecting to the punk **** touch fb!
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    that linked worked. +1
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    for the normal bookmark that comes with the pre go to For the full site just type in Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
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    Does anyone knows how to go to the full Facebook site in the browser.
    Everytime i go to it redirects me to

    I liked the ability to have the full version of facebook in the browser but now is not doing it anymore.

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    Try facebook . com/home
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    ^ Yep! Palm just posted this tip on FB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    ^ Yep! Palm just posted this tip on FB.
    It was like they posted that just for this user. Weird.
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    Or you can try
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    It was like they posted that just for this user. Weird.
    Haha. There have been a few people here asking this same question though. Facebook seems to be always changing how they handle viewing on mobile devices. Instead of sticking with one method, they kee trying to "improve" it... I can't tell you how many different work-arounds we've had to use just to be able to access the Facebook version we want.
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    Thanks i needed to know as well
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    FB was working fine since the last update but for some reason stop working on adding comments and now all i see is ( error on serve )
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    Up until sometime this weekend, I was able to go straight to the Facebook full page. Now, when I click on the bookmarked page that always took me there, it automatically re-routes me to the mobile version. If I type out the full-page address I am still automatically re-routed.

    Has anyone else had this happen, and anyone know how I can access the full site?

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    Palm even put this up on their FB page. It was a setting FB changed. You can get to the regular site by going to
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    ok a couple of days ago i was able to go to the full site and now it keeps going to the stuipd touch site. what do i do to get the full site back.
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    Go to
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