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    are there any weather apps that let me view the weather when i am offline (i.e. airplane mode). The phone has enough storage space for some apps to DL their own data and not have to rely on the web on every load of the app....
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    In my experience AccuWeather displays the last available data if the phone is in Airplane mode.
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    nope...on American Airlines wifi on my laptop now and just tried Accuweather on my phone with no connection and no data....
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    I just put my phone in Airplane mode and then lunched AccuWeather...I'm getting results. Perhaps there is a time limitation.
    ...I do have the pay version.
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    i'll give it a shot.....thanks!
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    no dice with Accuweather...I was flying home today and turned on phone in-flight to see what the weather was doing back home and nothing ever showed up since there was no data connection. Prior to the flight, the weather had been checked and updated about 3 hours previous for this location.

    There has to be a weather app that will cache the forecast data (for all stored locations) and show estimated current weather data based on hourly forecast data from the last update. Any ideas?
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