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    Hi developers,

    I launch my new app SaveMe and I want some feedbacks by users and you developers !

    There is my app: http ://


    The application SaveMe was made to send a SOS when you're in danger! For this, SaveMe uses new communication technologies like Twitter, GTalk, Nabaztag that have already proved their success in helping people in danger or the more traditional methods such as Email, SMS or phone call and use your built-in Palm GPS with the power of Google Maps! The application is multi-lingual English/French, use the Palm's built-in GPS as well as reverse geocoding to locate your address, you can ring an alarm to identify precisely where you are and launch a geotracking server on your phone. The application uses your internet connection and is really FAST to use when you really need the app. Have Fun and get out safely with SaveMe. SaveMe is not a killer-app, but a SaveApp!
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    It's very nice!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a new concept for me so give me some time for feedback, but initially its very good. Thanks for developing!!!!!11
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    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    Update of the app in 1.1.4
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    Thanks. I've been looking for an app like this.
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    Update of the app try it !
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    Update in 1.1.6 with the add of google maps and a connector to the facebook app!

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