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    I somehow got the idea that it's supposed to be possible to see files stored on a ZumoDrive from other apps on the Pre, as though it's simply an extension of the device's storage. Is that the case? For example, can I play music using the device's built-in music player, or only through the Zumo app's player? I installed it, and it appears that the answer to my question is "no", but I figured I should see if I'm missing something. Many thanks in advance.
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    No, it's not designed nor really possible currently.

    The problem is the app has the instructions to reach out, log in, and grab the files, no other app has that kind of information and simply looks at the hard drive.

    Now it would be possible for zumodrive to download certain files and throw them on the hard-drive to be consumed, but that's not really the idea, otherwise they wouldn't have included a build-in media and picture player.

    What you want to do would be something like what zumodrive does on a PC, create a artificial drive which can be used to store and retrieve files, but it just so happens WebOS is not quite made to allow something like that, yet.
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    Well, rats... I kind of suspected. Oh, well... Thanks for the reply.
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    I just wish i could install apps on ZumoDrive and have them played through my Pre. Maybe that might make the apps slower, but if Zumodrive makes their services faster, that should do the trick. Hopefully they come up with the option for password protection soon.

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