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    Just a quick question because I rarely see complaints on this and was wondering if it's my phone.

    Does it make your phone sluggish, too? The app literally brings my phone to a halt, to the point I'm certain a forced Luna restart is imminent. Unless TweetMe is like the only app open. Which sucks big time if you're in another app and opening TweetMe from notifications or in TweetMe opening a link from a Tweet. Anyone else experiencing this? Did reinstalling help?
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    I really like it, but I don't leave it open because it checks for new tweets and sucks my battery. I also use TweeFree a lot, and in some cases I like that better (like support for landscape). TweetMe is beautiful to look at, but the text bubbles waste a lot of screen area. Seems to be a bit slower also when I hit "more tweets" to scroll down to the next group of tweets.

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