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    i bought super KO boxing 2 and i love it. It gets hard as hell, but you feel great when you figure out how to beat each character. Its a nice homage to the Knock Out on the NES and i got it for $1. Helicopter game comes in at a close second IMO

    I also bought Paratroopers, Need for Speed, and Brothers in Arms,
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    Quote Originally Posted by themirthfulswami View Post
    I have a few 3D games I got through the various 99 cent sales, but currently my favorite game is Poker Drops (non-3D)
    Poker Drops? Awesome! Don't forget to give it a review in the App Catalog. Also, feel free to PM me or drop a note in the Gobico Games forum here on PreCentral if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

    Lately, I'm also playing Endless TriPeaks a lot. Fun solitaire game.
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    Poker Drops is one of my all time favorites too. It's similar to a poker solitaire game I played online years ago that I loved. They pulled it off that site and I spent years looking for it again. Never did find it but Poker drops is close enough. I wrote a review of it as part of my audition to write for Precentral. I ended up posting it on my blog. The Writer's Ebook: Poker Drops for the Palm Pre and Pixi
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    I'm beginning to enjoy both Hoops and Office Basketball (i.e. Paper toss) quite a bit.
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    I've been having a lot of fun with Angry Birds. It's a lot like 'Crush the Castle'.
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