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    I just started getting a little pop-up every few minutes saying Auto GC'ed with a little download arrow. I can't get it to stop doing it. I have tried restarting the phone and I have no idea what is causing it or even what it means? Anyone else know what this is about?
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    what is GC?
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    garbage collection

    you have jstop set to auto collect. Change it in the settings.
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    jstop auto garbage collect??
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    Yep, JStop Auto garbage Collect was it. I forgot I turned that on. It didn't start showing it right away but took a couple of days. That's why I was confused I think. Turned it off and all god now.
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    Yep, garbage collect. It helps with the "too many cards" open issue.
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    turn off setting to warn you - disable notifications

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