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    I finished 66.. Gah some of these are hard
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    the answer to 8 held me up to long was it his nickname or something. Cuz the invention was the first thing I thought of kept coming up with different first name
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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99 View Post
    10th here - but would have been earlier if no.8 had actually had the correct answer.

    The one required had two problems
    a) the first name expected wasn't the one used on the web
    b) he wasn't the actual inventor!
    Yep, sorry about that one - I added the correct answer as soon as someone alerted me... (I have the ability to put in three possible answers to cover different spellings and such)
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    I don't even know where to start with #1 I'm sure it's prolly so simple I have tried evry wording I cld possibly think of asparagus hoister inventions asparagus hoisting improvements lol any hints please I'm getting a headache....
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    Asparagus ? What on earth for ?
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    MY GOD I am soooo ******** please disregard everything I said lmfao this is what I get for drinking til 2 am and then trying to be smart the next day. Sooory.
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    That's pretty funny
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    Just so you know if I get killed it's because I'm suppose to be doing lawn work right now, and not this addictive game.
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    is 5 broken?
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    Any hints for 3?

    "They had a saxophone, trombone, drummer, and a rhythm section - and if you couldn't find someone to dance with... you should use a chair made of wood."
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    Where'd you look for three Spongambob, Please it's relate to jazz or am I way off
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    That's what I thought. I've tried every variation of jazz, it seems, but no luck so far
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    same boat on 3 but it looks like that collection of instruments is also related to big band. Are we looking for a type of dance?
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    #3 think Elvis Movie
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    Help on 5 ?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWizzard View Post
    #3 think Elvis Movie
    never even would have thought of him thanks!
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    any help on 8 please
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWizzard View Post
    any help on 8 please
    clue on five please?
    I'll help the rest of the way.
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    can't even buy hints for 5
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    Look at each of the nine "boxes" as individual numbers.

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