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    number 10 was a good one. Finished 58...wish I remembered it started at noon
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    Can someone give me a clue to number 6. I can't even understand what the question is asking so I have no idea what I am searching for. Thanks

    update- figured it out
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    A plea - if you are asking for help with a particular clue, please remind us what the clue is - not just by number, but some of the text too! We don't all have eidetic memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyndiroowho View Post
    I have the places for number ten, I just don't understand what to do with them.
    Write them "down" (column)
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    stuck on 5
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    Hows "games" going for everyone? Stuck on robot question #7
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    I'm stuck on 7 too
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    Any hints on 2
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    what's 2 again?
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    Something and always being a dummy in this game? Something you could cross
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    Nevermind I got it
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    I was ashamed how long it took for me to finally get that one. Search game dummy and a wikipedia page should pop up of something you may ''cross''
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    oh okay
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    You will know you are watching the right one when you see the license plate... What letters are in his tattoo?
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    5....what year was the greatest game in history played...due to hostile conditoons
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    search one of greatest games hostile conditions
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    anybody get 7 yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by triskaideka View Post
    anybody get 7 yet?

    sports not video games
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    help with # 8
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    I'm stuck on #9.

    The tattoo one I just guessed based on what video game I thought they were talking about.

    Hint: It's an abbreviation, no periods.

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