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    Hello to everybody,
    I am incurring in a weird fact about VLC remote. *Every* time that I open the app on the iPhone, my wi-fi router stops working and the wifi network just goes down.
    My router is running a one or two years old DD-WRT firmware and for the rest works without troubles. Any idea what could be annoying my router in the VLC remote operation?
    Thanks a lot
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    no idea. I'm using a wrt54g myself with DD-WRT on one of my routers.

    I'd suggest reinstalling the latest firmware and crossing your fingers...
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    Thanks the reply. Of course updating the firmware was an option, but, as you might now, it is not completely error-free, so I'd prefer some setting to fix the thing.
    Thanks anyway. In the end I could end up doing the update ... crossing fingers of course!

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