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    Help John Bandit collect all the gold in a level without dying. Armed with a vapourizer, guide John by blasting holes in turf for trapping monks, creating escape routes or make a path to concealed gold within the level. When all the gold in the level is collected additional ladders may appear - simply guide John to the top of a level in order to continue to the next level in the game. Be weary of the monks movement - collecting gold is one thing - making it out alive is another!


    talk about going around in a full circle; we originally released this game for Palm OS back in the day (actually, this was over 10 years ago). we have been toying around with the idea of doing an updated port for iphone/ipod and web os of course - we have the majority of things in place but we want to know your level of interest..

    we were thinking of $2.99 entry point for this game - all original levels would of course be available, giving your many many hours of play. of course, this would be a PDK application and available on the palm pre and palm pixi. so, our question is - are you interested in this game?
    // Aaron Ardiri
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    Caveman, Caveman HD (touchpad), Cronk and GW Series available on web OS
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    Bring it on! This game was awesome on the Palm OS. $2.99 sounds great. Maybe even a one day $0.99 or $1.99 special to spur interest?

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