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    anybody else seeing this?
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    The reviews are all in German.
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    $29.99 for the service like the evo?
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    I set my date and time manually to January 29th 2010 and it allowed me to download .

    Edit: Pics added. =)
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    Talking to CS now.
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    I got install failed, rollback your date, then reinstall, worked for me!
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    I assume you are referring to 'Palm mobile hotspot'. I see it. It does not refer to any specific carrier, though it does say on some phones it is preinstalled, so appears to be the same app. It does say you may need to subscribe to a special data plan to use it, no surprise. That probably doesn't change the fact that Sprint doesn't allow tethering on their current plans. I have not seen anything about that changing other than for the EVO, which appears to not be a free feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNiteWithJme View Post
    I set my date and time manually to January 29th 2010 and it allowed me to download .
    OMFG. It worked. my ipod touch is connected

    Update: it installed and my ipod touch is connect but it does not pull data in. Oh well.
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    FYI, search is your friend. There are at least three threads on this topic. You will have better success if everyone is asking and answering in a single thread. I'm just sayin...
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    never mind...just got off the phone with Sprint customer service and they don't support the Mobile Hot Spot app. Yet another way the initial adopters of the Pre with Sprint are getting screwed. I am so switching to AT&T when my contract is up...I don't care if Sprint gets the Pre 2 first (though I think it's unlikely they will).
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    i already have hotspot
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    No time to search I am busy. Moderator, merge please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maynardblue View Post
    never mind...just got off the phone with Sprint customer service and they don't support the Mobile Hot Spot app
    ...I wouldn't put too much faith in what a Sprint CS says.
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    Holy crap...just tried the rollback to Jan. 29, 2010 and got it installed...and this is after Sprint customer service told me they don't support it...HELL YEAH!!!
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    Is everyone talking about the Palm Mobile Hotspot, developed by Palm. I am with Sprint and it just popped up in the App Catalog. Are we able to download and use or is this just a mistake release?
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    Yea I have this on my sprint pre already, god love you home-brew nuts, so no big excitement here. Interesting if it works for sprint people though with the time change. Can someone who installs from the app catalog confirm if free tether is necessary?
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    Got it installed after rolling back date.

    My iPod Touch connects just fine, but it doesn't have any data. My guess (and just a guess) is that because Sprint doesn't support, it doesn't allow any data transfer.
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    just showed up in my catalogue. it already shows as being downloaded, so it must see my hacked version already. cool, now everyone can enjoy
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    Hey everyone, just a word of caution:

    If you have a Sprint Palm Pre and you just installed the app and tried to run it, the unit will give you an error message on your Gmail account saying that the SSL encryption has expired. The app doesn't work anyway so just set your time back to network time and reboot your phone and then reload your gmail. It should work after that.
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    Mobile hot spot installed after turning the date back a few days.

    I called CS and they said I'm good to go to use it with an unlimited data cap.

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