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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there is a mile tracker for the Palm Pre. I've started running and I'm slowly trying to be able to run a mile without stopping. It would be awesome if there is a way to track how far I'm running. Is there a free app? If not, any idea whether someone is coming out with one? Even though I'm looking for a free app, if there is a good paid app then please recommend a good one. Thanks!
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    A few there and that is just the official catalog. See what you like the best
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    Freerunner is free and works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by push2shock View Post
    Freerunner is free and works great.
    I didn't find Freerunner in the app catalog, but I found an amazing free app called Smartrunner. You can track your progress and even see a map of the area you ran on their website; it's all free! Thanks a lot!
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    Ditto on Smartrunner...I use it and love it!
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    I use jogstats (not free) but I got it on sale and love it.
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    yeah smartrunner is great plus you can change if you are riding your bike or driving a car, etc (1/2 a doz or so different options)
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    I tried Smartrunner and found that it greatly overstates both my speed and distance. When I run 3.1 miles, it shows 3.8. Too inaccurate to be useful. Have any of you tested its accuracy and found similar results, or is it more accurate for you?

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