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    This is the support thread for Squeeze Control. Any questions or suggestions should go here and I'll make any announcements here too.
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    Version 1.2 is approved and should be available for download soon. I think you'll like this one. There's only one thing changed. I rewrote the networking code and the initial connection speed is a lot faster along with any operation that involves the server pushing info to the app. Things like the play/pause button status, messages about adding songs, switching songs in the now playing screen, etc..
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    great update! Speed has definitely improved...

    Is it possible to add a slider bar to control the volume on the now playing screen maybe?

    thanks for all the work you've put into this already
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    Actually I'm thinking maybe I'll show a slider when you tap on the volume display box.
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    Version 1.2.1 Update is available:

    --Added volume slider.
    --Swiping left or right in the 'Now Playing' screen rewinds or skips the current song.
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    You can now follow angryGoat on Twitter: Info@angryGoat (angrygoatapps) on Twitter
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    I have a developer forum now:

    All future announcements will be made in the threads there.

    Support questions should be directed there too.
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