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    My messaging app does a couple of strange things related to IM.

    I'm using AIM and Facebook chat (through the Preware patch). Sometimes it won't seem to let me sign off; it will show signed off, but I'm still online or at least partially online.

    Other times, it takes forever to send a message--it will just stay grayed out for a long time as if it is sending. This behavior will be the same on both AIM and FB; eventually it works and sends normally. Regular text messages send fine.

    It almost seems like it is lagging both in the sending and in the signing on/off issue.

    Anyone else seen this behavior? Any solutions/suggestions?

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    I'm the only one experiencing this? That's never good...
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    i use yahoo im. sometimes it takes while for me to log in (a minute or less). have no problems sending and recieving.

    only problem i had so far was when i first logged in. i could not see my buddy who was as online. i had asked them to log out with another computer and then sign back in. it worked after that. havent used it much to see if the problem will re-occur but i do know that it works.

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