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    I get an error, "Install failed" when trying to download apps from App Catalog. Tried a couple different ones, WiFi and 3G. It doesn't seem like download is completely successfully, it goes too quick.
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    Same here PrimeFender. Hoping the issue will be fixed by tomorrow morning.
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    my app catalog has been lagging a lot the past couple of days, and the icons will blink everfy second or yours doing that also or is it just me?
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    its down alright, make sure you do NOT try and update an important app right now or it will be disabled. The updates or new installs download ok but the store calls home at the end the enable the app and it fails so app is disabled. This is a REALLY messed up issue.
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    I know that there are no webOS updates right now, but when I checked for an update, it says that there are updates for apps on my phone, but when I check for them, there are none. So, I believe that was affected also.
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    also see the front page article on

    there is a workaround while palm fixes the issue. Don't doctor or do anything crazy to your phone until then

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