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    I used to be able to open docs and jpeg email attachments in my mail app and even browser email, but now after it downloads it, I cannot open any of them

    tried a reset, but no go.

    I am on a vzw pre plus with

    any help?
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    just to corrrect myself, I tested it again. It seems to fail to open when I use the browser to view an email attachment.

    I was so disappointed, I was demoing the pre to a friend and he was trying his email on the browser and tried viewing his attachments.

    when he clicks on the attachment, it opens a new browser, then it downloads, then clicks it again and an error appears, it says, file format not supported!


    I'm lost for an explanation
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    What file are you trying to download? send a .png image to your email and see if you can retrieve it.
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    I don't think I can open a png...
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    Then try a .jpg, will it download?
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    I tried it luck. If you select "email file" from a posted picture in the forums, the Pre will give you an error trying to open the file (unable to open file or unsupported file type).

    I just tried it by emailing myself some wallpapers from the forums..
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    Then try a .jpg, will it download?
    jpeg in the mail app will open but not in the web browser...

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