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    I just released my latest application: Sky Climber & Sky Climber Full.

    The free version is more of a papi jump type game. The goal is to see how high you can climb before falling off the platforms. The free version only has 2 power ups (super platform and rockets). It gets progressively harder as the game goes on.

    The Paid Version is more of a doodle jump type game. You have moving platforms, platforms that break, platforms that hinder your jumping ability temporarily, super platforms, rockets, springs and so much more.

    Online Rankings both the free version and the paid version have the ability to upload your score to our server and see where you rank in the world. The paid version will allow you to see both the all time high and the daily high. The free version only allows you to see the all time high.

    Where to get it?
    Both apps are in the app catalog. Just search for Sky Climber.
    Free Version:
    aid Version:


    Comments Suggestions Please feel free to make suggestions / comments. The more you guys suggest the better the game gets. I'm currently working on sound as we speak. I just don't want to reduce the fps by and then have it lag due to the sound effects.
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    Hey, I just got the top score! I was on a roll!

    Question: are the paid game scores separate from the free version's?
    I guess I'll buy the paid app sooner or later though.

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    when I click on the score button, it tells me my phone has been banned and can't post my score? Wft? I didn't do anything besides play the game......
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    Sorry but the app is horrible may be along the same lines as doodle jump but doodle jump is light years beyond this.

    The game is choppy to play and the graphics are very very basic. To make matters worse, there is no sound.

    I'm totally addicted to Doodle Jump and was excited to see this...however after a couple of plays I uninstalled it.

    I hope future versions are a total revamp of this release...if so, I'd buy it in a second.
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    I have to say that I REALLY like this game. Great to spend a few mins on. I've never played doodle jump but Sky Climber is a lot of fun.
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    @dmg was there a problem with the latest update, I just did it and now my guy only bounces up and down and doesn't recognise anything from the accelerometer. Also I have got the this phone is banned issue.

    I'm really missing being able to play this game.
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    wow, just had the latest update and is amazing. Thanks for giving us the sensitivity option and backgrounds. And I love the blue ledges, awesome
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    Good game, it actually looks like Papi Jump, but he missed a game of this type on the App Catalog

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