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    I also have a Samsung Moment and I love the way the layout of the Android Market is. Mainly the way that when you click on an application, it shows some reviews on the same page, which goes a long way. For example, an app in the App Catalog may have a 5 star rating, but it may only be from one review. Seeing this information all on one page is a lot easier, in my opinion.
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    the little number next to the rating tells u how many people have rated the app...then if u want to see the reviews u just click on the reviews button...i personally would rather have the option to look at the reviews IF i want to and not just display automatically.
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    there is a revamp of the App Catalog comign in the fall. It was on the front page of P|C when Dieter went to the Dev confrence in Sunnyvale; the home of Palm. Check back on P|C front pages from a few weeks ago and you'll see some screen shots.
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    my only gripe with the current app catalog is that the algorithm for Hot Apps is garbage. An app that has one rating of 5 stars will be at the top of the list, but an app with 20000 downloads, but a rating of 4.5 will be at the bottom of the page...

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