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    I did a search on the forums and on the main site and couldn't find anything comparing the twitter apps.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a twitter app?
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    TweetMe ($1.50) looks amazing and feels amazing. Or Tweed ($1.99 I think) is my main twitter because it has timeline marker so that I can start reading tweets where I left off. For looks go with TweetMe, for features go with Tweed.
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    I've bought Twee and TweetMe. I'm using TweetMe.
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    Tweetme seems to be my favorite.
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    Does it really matter? None of the Twitter apps will keep Twitter from going down.
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    Twee is a nice, simple app with pretty good features. I've used Tweed & Twee...
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    TweetMe is way too slow for my liking. I find Tweed a much better client overall. Not as much eye candy, but better performance and more functionality...
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    I like TweeFree because it supports landscape mode. And because it's free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I like TweeFree because it supports landscape mode. And because it's free.
    I second that. That app does all I need it to do.
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    I've used them all, finally settled with TweetMe. It isn't perfect but it's a helluva 1st iteration with an involved developer. More than likely any shortcomings will be worked out sooner than later.
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    I manage multiple Twitter accounts and have found Tweed the best client so far from feature standpoint...

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    Yeah, I've got Tweed, Twee, TweetMe, and BadKitty. For me, it's about

    1. Twee/TweetMe
    2. BadKitty
    3. Tweed

    BadKitty and Tweed...that was a hard ranking because BadKitty is not as functional, feature-rich and is a bit harder to navigate (particular getting back to your timeline), but exceptionally ugly, I hate the way they do the new style retweets, and I hate all other aspects of the navigation compared to Bad Kitty minus getting to your timeline (that one little button in the top right corner...worst place to put a button EVER). Tweed also does not save searches, whereas BadKitty has an easier search navigation and will display your saved searches automatically. BadKitty automatically loads up conversations and while some people are a fan of Tweed's popups, I simply am not. BadKitty also lets your customize the sound for the app! This is a really great feature, not found in any of the other Twitter apps...TweetMe does not even make a sound. It also displays more information on a tweet without having to click on it, as opposed to Twee and TweetMe. For example, it'll show what everyone's using to tweet with, while with Twee and TweetMe you have to actually click on the tweet. In the end, though, it is just not as feature complete and easy to use as Twee and TweetMe.

    Twee and TweetMe, that's another battle and they are currently equal to me for different reasons. First, if you have multiple images in a tweet, Twee will preview them all, but TweetMe only picks one. Twee also refreshes tweets automatically, remembers where you left off, and has recently improved display for tweets using the new retweet style. It's also the only twitter client I believe that displays how many new tweets you have and where they are located (timeline, dm, mentions). On the other hand, TweetMe displays your saved searches automatically, while with Twee you have to go to the upper left menu...which should be generally avoided for basic things, imo. As someone who changes views a lot, I find TweetMe's launcher to be nicer. Plus, Twee has that new tweet button at the top right corner for some reason. On the other hand, TweetMe has a habit of getting incredibly slow and it is a resource hog, seriously. Worse than all the other twitter clients. Sometimes I can't even get TweetMe notifications if I'm listening to music or on the web because of Too Many Cards errors...not a problem with any other client. So I've been using a combo of Twee and TweetMe. Ideally, TweetMe would use some of its wasted real estate to display more information, add the ability to save search from the app, refreshing automatically, remembering where it last left off, add landscape (which unfortunately is on the bottom on his it really that hard to let the screen rotate so I don't have to move the Pre around on the touchstone?), improved notifications, improved image display, more url shortening options, and improve the speed and memory issues and then I would use it exclusively. Or, Twee can make some navigational and display improvements and use a bit better color scheme and I would use it exclusively.

    Or BadKitty could totally rip off TweetMe's launcher icon navigational style and I would use it exclusively. Or at least put more options at the plus icon on the bottom other than new tweet and edit account. Seriously, just lengthen that thing vertically and let a user pop over to timeline or mentions or searches without having to back swipe eight thousand times to get to the homescreen. And for pete's sake, TRENDS!!! Why is this so hard?! Also, the way it displays followers is really bad....I know you're enamoured with your vertical upsidedown text display, but when it gets in the way of speed, usability, and takes up way too much space, maybe you should make some concessions.

    Okay, I think I'll just have to cop to being hard to please.
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    TweetMe all the way, I don't see what Tweed has over TweetMe, if not they have the same functionality but TweetMe has a better appearance.
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    Thanks Everyone!

    I couldn't find TweetFree in the PalmStore
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    Found it!

    I think I skipped over it because there are no notifications with the free version.
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    TweetMe all the way, and ive tried all

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    Currently using Tweed, just for the timeline marker. It also supports landscape mode.
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    I like Spaz. It's free, plus it has the timeline marker.
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    I've been trying to nail down a memory leak, and I'm concluding that it's TweetMe. Anybody else having memory probs w/ that app?

    I really like it otherwise, and I've pretty much migrated to it from Twee, which I've run for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdbillups View Post
    I've bought Twee and TweetMe. I'm using TweetMe.
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