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    This is the official help / comments / suggestions thread for the JDF Software app Quit Smoking v0.1.0.

    I hope you are enjoying the app and I look forward to your suggestions for improvements.
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    It shouldn't delete everything if I have 1 smoke, it should keep track of how many I have had and just reset the days without a smoke. I'm not quiting cold turkey so this doesn't help me. Everysmoke = money and I want to know how much I'm saving and keep trying to get it more. Can't wait for updates, my life is in ur hands
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    Point taken. I will work on a solution for an update soon. I want to get it in the App Catalog, so we will be waiting on Palm to approve it. I will let you know when I have it submitted. I may push a fix into the web feed to get it out faster and then a full update into the catalog.
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    It's really helpful! Thank you !
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    Glad to hear it!
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    Thanks, I can't wait, Although i'm half way to quitting already I so want my wife to download this app and save us even more money,

    how much do you plan on putting it up for on the app catalog?
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    Sounds like a great idea for an app! (I'm a non-smoker but work with respiratory patients as a regular part of my job).
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    thee should be an app to acctually help with quittinng smoking..thee use to be a small device that you recorded for a week..everytime you smoked. Then the next week it programed itself to ween you down and beeped when it was time for you to smoke again..if you moked ahead then it recalcuated or if you didn't smoke when it was ok it reset..u could see how ong before your next ciggarette and eack week it slowle weened you down..this would be an app worth paying for in new york state..especialy with the data tellin me how much money saved and health benefits!!!. If the is an app out there and I am just missing it please let me know.

    thank you,
    maybe I will look into desgining apps and do this myself because I really need to quit!!!

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