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    I've posted a new article on my blog, along with a sample app, to demonstrate the use of HTML5 audio in webOS apps, post 1.4. Any questions about using audio, or the app or source code should be asked here.

    Source: Source Code
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    For me the media loop does only work with WAV and not with MP3. Is that a BUG or is my Code wrong? Discuss here: Forums webOS • View topic - Music loop trouble: WAV works, MP3 not (BUG?)

    My code:

    MainAssistant.prototype.mediaSetup = function() {

    this.libs = MojoLoader.require({ name: "mediaextension", version: "1.0"});

    this.myAudio = this.controller.get('audio');
    this.audioExt = this.libs.mediaextension.MediaExtension.getInstance(this.myAudio);
    this.myAudio.src = Mojo.appPath + "audio/song.wav";
    this.mediaReplay = this.mediaReplay.bind(this);
    this.myAudio.addEventListener('ended', this.mediaReplay, false);;


    MainAssistant.prototype.mediaReplay = function() {;
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    Now it works!
    My BUG...

    I used this code (main-scene.html)...
    <audio id="audio" controls="false" x-palm-media-audio-class="navigation">
    ...for the loop. Only WAV worked, no MP3. Don't ask my why, but if you wanna user MP3 you had to use this code:
    <audio id="audio" controls="false" x-palm-media-audio-class="media">

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