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  • I use Classic, and I expect I always will

    26 21.49%
  • I use Classic now, but I hope to migrate off of it

    39 32.23%
  • I once used Classic, but not anymore

    24 19.83%
  • I never used Classic

    32 26.45%
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    I use Classic for:

    MathPad - solves systems of equations (including transcendental). This software has not been available since I had it on my Palm Vx, but I kept my copy alive over the years. I have not seen anything like it anywhere on a mobile device since then.

    FluxCalc - a vapor pressure and flux calculator for elemental evaporation sources. I wrote this myself using Orbworks (PocketC), and was pleasantly surprised to see that it works under Classic.

    HanDBase v3.75 (database software) - ability to sync to desktop is important.

    Bonsai - project tracker - I use it for To Do lists and packing lists. Ability to sync to desktop is important.

    Those are the main things. As long as I have Classic, I also use:

    ChemTable - Periodic Table complete with abundance of isotopes (can a brutha get an amen!)

    Sol Free - solitaire collection

    Planetarium - just found out the older version works on classic - boy, does this suffer from the smaller (i.e. non-Tx) screen!

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    I have a a few apps I still use but I'm looking forward to the day when I can go completely without classic.

    I have BibleVerse pop up 2 times a day to review each days bible verse. I do have new apps on webOS that I use too but like having lots of verses throughout the day.

    I still love using MyHome, which I have yet to find anything that works like it. I don't want a complete budget app, just a list of whats due this month, well, every month. This app is one of my most used but I'm always watching for a replacement for it.

    The last one I still use is LaFemme, for the fun female cycle. I'm not liking what's available so far on webOS.

    I still have games but I never use them anymore.

    Classic is an ok app but it takes too long to open up & I'm not that patient. I don't keep open cards unless I know I'm going to be needing them so I end up waiting for it to open each time. I also lost interest in the app when it was having lots of problems working. I ended up giving up on it until after the update finally came throught, but by then, I found other ways of doing most of what I wanted to do & I really don't trust it to keep on working in future updates. Too bad cause I was really looking forward to using it. the cost of the app is WAY TOO MUCH! It should of been cheaper to start out with & maybe I wouldn't have such a bad taste in my mouth about it. I understand why it was soo much, most apps for the palmOS were more but still it was more than most for that system.

    There, there is my 2 cents. Rant over.
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    I use it primarily for DateBk6p, my one absolutely-must-have app. I also use eWallet because I can't find the motivation, or a compelling reason, to transfer all those records to something else.

    These days, with current updates and all, I'm very happy with Classic.
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    Users of BrainForest or Bonsai under Classic may find that Outline Tracker (under webOS) meets their needs -- a migration guide is at Migration to Outline Tracker
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    Yeah, thanks, DougReeder, but at $19.75, Outline Tracker is one of the highest-priced apps in the app store. And IMHO, it's way over-priced, even without Basecamp.
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    tried installing docs 2 go, version 8 that came with my old treo 700p software, followed all instructions from motion apps support...only to get "this version of docs to go is not supported on your device."

    my question is...what version is compatible, and what's the cheapest way to get it?
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    I still use classic for:
    Documents to Go (DataViz) v11.0
    CogniQ (Unbound Medicine) v2.1
    Money (Ultrasoft) v4.3.2

    If DataViz and Palm get their act together and release a WebOs version of DocsToGo, that might push me towards using Classic less, or not at all.

    If MotionApps release a version of Classic that can access the Pre's bluetooth or GPS, I would use classic for TomTom Navigator 6 and I'd probably therefore use it much more.
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    It looks as if I'm gunna have to get it for nothing else but isilo.
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    i'd be using it more if it loaded a little quicker
    but its nice to have full doc editing on docs to go
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    EasyCalc 1.15 (Ondrej Palkovsky)
    Punch Time Clock Pro (
    Handy Shopper (Christopher Antos)
    Slovo Ed (Spanish-English Dictionary)
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    does the old PalmOS calender work????? Cause I really miss the coloured events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Mair View Post
    does the old PalmOS calender work????? Cause I really miss the coloured events.
    The Palm OS calendar totally works. DateBk6 is, quite possibly, the best app of its kind on just about any platform. Unfortunately the alarms in DateBk6 aren't entirely reliable.
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    I have it for sometimes but haven't really use it it. Plan to use it for:
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    I read somewhere, sometime back, that classic was having trouble with isilo.
    Is all fine now?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I do only for PocketQuicken.. Wish they'd come out with a WebOS app!!
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    any good free or cheap (under $5) apps to use with classic?

    bought it for recorder (but sound is too soft on the pre either with classic or zcorder so I am still lugging my old treo around to record)

    have docstogo ready for emergencies, usually would not try to edit on such a small screen but emergencies are OK
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    1) Olivetree Biblereader

    Sorry but I have to mention KINOMA and SLINGPLAYER because these apps are most important to me. But can you make Classic more usable. I really don't need to see palm os ever again. I don't really care about the OS, only the apps that run on it. I would love to be able to link to a app directly from webos. I would also like the ability to magnify a area like "iphone copy and paste zoom" to click the small buttons. (pinch to zoom is to cumbersome) maybe even a virtual pointer as well. I know you said you can't do it because of palms mandates on what version of the os you can use, but a tx emulator mode for fullscreen would be nice too.
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    I sometimes prefer the the way Opera Mini formats pages its easier to read and no zooming, so mostly I have been using Opera with Classic Its a great browser alternative. Still waiting for Kinoma to work as well
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    Right now I use it for most of the games I had.. Astraware games, Pac man, Tetris. I cannot figure out how to get Audible on there.. and some other great games like Tradewinds and Westward.. need to contact support at Classic I guess for help.
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    DateBk6 a bunch of other apps I use off and on.

    I was hoping to eventually migrate from Classic, once WebOS had everything I needed, but, since Intuit pulled the license on PocketQuicken, that's obviously not going to happen, and the only way I can use that program is by sticking with Classic for the long haul.
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