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    hey fellow webOS users,

    Despite some relatively minor issues, I have absolutely loved my pre plus on verizon. And despite what some uninformed critics are saying on other blogs and websites, the app catalog is plenty robust to fill my everyday needs, including with the use of the Classic software.

    As a thanks to palm and especially all the developers who continue to make apps for palm despite all the negative news about palm's future...I suggest we declare June 6th, which of course coincides with the 1 year anniversary of the release of the pre, as "Buy an App" day.

    I know plenty of people with webOS devices that only use free software. But in order to get developers to continue making apps for us, we should make some effort to purchase apps as well. Keep in mind many apps are as little as 99 cents...which is cheaper than that cup of coffee you and I are probably drinking right now.

    So I declare, lets call June 6th "Buy an App" day.
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    I'm in!
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    I'm in, putting it in my calender now.
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    Count me in.
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    or maybe more - lol
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    I buy apps all the time. So, I'll purchase 2 or 3 that day.
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    GREAT idea! I'm in!
    Works like nothing else!
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    i'm in, adding calendar entry now

    and for nosey ppl like me, after we buy, we should all post the app(s) we decided to purchase that day.
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    agree, please follow up with what app you buy that day!
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    Sounds good to me.
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    Sounds good to me.

    I spent over $100 in the app catalog within the first 2 weeks I had my Pre+. But I'm down for more! Maybe we should commit to buying two apps - one game and one other...

    I've been planning to get guitar hero, so I'll buy it in that day...
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    This is a great idea - thanks to terry for the tip. I'm also glad that we're waiting until June 6th for it.

    Somebody want to do me a solid and remind me again when we get closer to that date?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    So I declare, lets call June 6th "Buy an App" day.
    can you edit thread titles? if so you should add the date to the thread title.
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    quick question, when you buy an app is it a one time charge or a monthly charge ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by neom View Post
    quick question, when you buy an app is it a one time charge or a monthly charge ?
    One time.

    ETA: There may be some app that uses a service, for which you pay monthly. I am unaware of any. But, the app purchase itself is one time.
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    thank you rlee2001 !
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    I'm adding to my calandar now!!
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    Fantastic Idea!!!

    Need to add this to my schedule...

    Thanks Sorli...
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    Here are some of the apps that I have purchased and recommend.

    Classic: use your old trusty Palm OS apps, opens up access to 30,000 more apps for the devices. *Seems to work well for me. *Bought it when on sale for 19.99.

    Zagat To Go: have always used the zagat guide,works well

    Asphalt 5: bought it at full price, tons of fun, great graphics

    Super KO Boxing: think mike tysons punch out with better graphics. *Bought on sale for .99

    Real Tennis: fun tennis game, great graphics, also bought on sale.

    Tweed: good twitter application, slow to load,feature rich, good reviews

    Dr. Podder, indespensable podcast app, only .99 cents. *Amazing price

    Jvault: only webOS password app with desktop client (also requires purchase), good reviews. Perhaps a bit pricey, but don't forget this is for your security

    MyQ for Netflix: outstanding netflix app
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