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    Bought two!

    - Radio Hibiki (should have bought that one a long time ago... I was still using the homebrew version)

    - Electrical Tools

    Have to poke through later, I know there was something else I wanted to get.

    Thank you developers!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Exactly, Kev. I'll contact @Adora tomorrow to see if I can nudge her to release some information in the next few days about the impact today had, even if it's just, "Sales were up on the App Catalog x%."

    I'm sure Palm themselves are just as giddy as the webOS community over this groundswell of support for webOS and we developers who really put a lot into the platform to help take it to the next level.
    cool. I hope they can provide something. Feedback helps us all know that we made an impact. Just like rnukraine's telethon. At the end everyone could see a total and know what their impact was.

    if nothing else, a dev may just start a thread next week where you guys can post whatever results you want to share. Hopefully palm will provide something.

    I keep hoping that I will see a mashable alert today that palm's app store servers shut down today because the flash crowd created by such unanticipated demand...

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    thanks everyone for participating.

    there's still 8 hours left.

    hope we break records!!!

    I've bought quite a few and still shopping...
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    Happy B-day 2 us..! Well, just bought the WIFI Media sync and I almost bought the congress app in hopes to E-mail angry noted to them, but then I saw Dropboxify... Very nice. Tryn' to find out where to post my recipt for the apps to get my chance for palmgear. That twitter thing don't make much sense 2 me.. Don't feal like learning a new thing for this birthday event...
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    I bought easy dreams and checkbook. I am looking at little black book, but I cant determine if it can be tied into the universal search. Also I didn't know we had a bartender app, like mentioned above. Decisions, decisions.....
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    In the interests of supporting the Pre Development Community - and participating in Buy-an-App Day - I just bought BILLS, from codebeyond software, a nifty but powerful little App which can keep track of some recurring bills that I owe (which will be helpful) - and integrate it with the Pre's Calendar to give me advance warning of the bills in a way that works for me (even more helpful).

    It's something I've been thinking about buying - but this gives me a chance to not only do it but also metaphorically put my money where my mouth is - and support Pre Developers....



    P.S. A QUICK QUESTION about Calendar functionality. When the PRE Calendar schedules events, you can also select the type of NOTIFICATION it sends you (ringtone, text message, etc). I normally use it with audio notifications (Ringtones) - but with this new App, Bills - I'd rather have the Notification be via Text Message. Does the CALENDAR App have built-in functionality to assign unique and different Notifications to each and every schedule event? Or do I have to get a special PreWare Patch for that?

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    still buying ... here are the last ones I picked up
    Classic Solitaire,
    Animal Sound Box, (my niece loves this, hope they add more sounds)
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    Wow, I didn't even know about the bills app. Ok I'm done 6 apps for the day: I just bought Bills, Digibar Pocket Bartender, Radio Hibiki, & Little Black Book and had done easy dreams and checkbook earlier. Happy birthday to palm pre, one AWESOME PHONE! And thank you to all the developers and members of precentral that work together to make this an A+ device and community. I missed out on the donation drive last time for the homebrew and patchers, but I haven't forgotten, and will donate soon. Long Live Palm webos!! (on mobile phones! :::crossing fingers and giving HP the *side eye* ::::
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.
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    Google maps just went flaky, so I bought GPS wrangler as another opp today. It actually seemed to make the gps behave and Google maps did a much better job of keeping track of my route. App Catalog FTW!
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    So far I've bought TweetMe, drPodder, and Paratrooper today. Still looking for some more apps to buy.
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    Ive bought Digloo and flashcards. Couldn't be happier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Seeing all this support for Palm and its app developers is absolutely great; following the #webOSappday hashtag has been more than heartening.
    I agree. The OP is a genius to have thought up the idea!!!
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    the geniuses are the inventors of webOS and the devs.

    keep up the great work.
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    The math says there have been 152,845 downloads since midnight. Go Go Go FTW!!!
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    That number is impressive thus far. Thank you to everyone so far that has purchased apps today.

    DigiPay PayPal Account Manager-

    DigiBar Pocket Bartender-
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    Is there a way to tell how many posts there have been to the hashtag #webOSAppDay?

    I'd like to know how many people have posted.
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    Check this out!!! re: #webOSAppDay
    #webOSappday on Twitter
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    I purchased Ancient Frog, $5 seemed steep, but that game is a blast! Well worth the price. Tweeted already, I have my fingers crossed.
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    Alright, so I figure I'll skip my afternoon soda at work tomorrow and spent that $1 on another app... Just bought Powernap... Holy heck, I had no idea that many features could be packed into a little timer app!

    Well worth the price of admission. haha
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    downloaded 'pay to poo'. Shoukd have interesting results since I take my pre to the john at work...
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