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    OK, let's kick this off at 12:05 am PDT, 2-1/2 hours from now.

    The PreCentral home page says that there have been 55,312,980 as of now.

    I'm planning to buy at least one game (guitar hero) and one app (people finder?)... and probably a few more.

    Let's all commit to more than one (what's 99 cents give or take???) and MOVE THE NEEDLE.

    We don't just want to see an influx of dollars to the developers. We want Palm/HP/Press to take notice. We want the App Catalog payment system to break.

    We want this to screw up the graphs they create to project app sales, because on 6/6/2010 the number spiked so high.

    So, buy early, buy often, buy as many as you can. If you've been to Starbucks in the last month - I'm talking to you.

    Wake your friends up!
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    Don't have a twitter account and never will, but I'm in. I'm unemployed and therefore cheap but screw it, I've had my eye on some nice apps for a while now and I am in!!!!!
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    I bought geostrings and dr podder already.

    Gonna buy lets golf and probably this hibiki radio. Although I was curious if there's a sports radio section on hibiki.
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    Just bought T Minus (the countdown timer), going to bed now. More purchases tomorrow.
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    Actually you are correct how do you donate and get counted. I plan to buy apps, but also have a few donations to the Homebrew community I can throw in and should have done last month.

    Still can donate and I plan to support those that support us. Sorli...
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    I just bought:
    LOL $.99
    Radio Hibiki $.99
    Time lapsw maker $1.99
    Guitar Hero5 $5.99
    People Finder $2.99
    Defensive Warefare $2.49

    more tomorrow
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    just bought:
    craigslist mobile
    auctionmate pro
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    Just bought tweetme, perfect day to finally make up my mind what twitter app I wanna use
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    I just bought timepiece, cheezburger net, and downloaded the helicopter game for free.

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    Just Purchased List (May buy more later in the day)
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour
    Sports Live!
    Hooters Calender Girls
    Photo Effects Plus
    Mobile HotSpot At&t
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    Just bought:
    GW series
    Javascript Cheat Sheet
    Css Cheat Sheet

    Also want to get one more but haven't decided yet, will edit when I do decide and buy.
    Edit 1. ok, so also got:
    Dinner&Movie codes
    Defensive Warfare
    My webOS apps (should hopfully motivate me to finish my app)

    If I find anymore I like I will buy and
    report here.
    Edit 2. Am now having fun on Paratrooper
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    Downloads as of now:

    Downloads when this started:

    Change so far:
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    I just bought Ancient Frog. I was eying this for awhile but I wasn't sure if I was going to make the plunge. But this thread helped persuade me to give it a go. I'm glad I seems like it'll be fun to play in my spare time.
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    I've remembered it's today, I'm soooo clever

    Just bought Radio Hibiki but my battery is flat so I'll have to charge it up a bit before I buy more.

    (Ancient Frog is brill by the way..looks beautiful)
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    does anyone know what an 'average' day of app catalog downloads is? Hopefukky we are overwhelming their normal volume and crushing the servers...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    does anyone know what an 'average' day of app catalog downloads is? Hopefukky we are overwhelming their normal volume and crushing the servers...
    I hope so,as well.
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    Great way to celebrate the Pre's 1 year anniversary.

    Here are my "Buy an App Day" purchases:

    NY Closest Subway
    Radio Hibiki
    Plumber's nightmare
    Super Hangman Pro
    Flight Predictor
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    According to the download counter on PreCentral... there have been 55,448,190 total app downloads. That's 135,201 more than when I checked at midnight for the start of this effort.

    I don't know if it counts the app every time the same user downloads it (onto replacement hardware, for example), and I don't know how many apps are downloaded in an "average" day. Does anyone know the answers?

    There are more than 300,000 precentral members. Hopefully each will buy one game and one non-game app as a minimum... It would be cool to see that number jump by 500,000 be the end of today - that would be 1%.

    All it takes is the cost of one Starbucks to make a huge difference... and it looks like most that have reported here are buying more than one. w00t! w00t!

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    My wife and I picked up the items referenced below and one more for myself - Defensive Warfare (that I forgot wanting and someone else reminding me).

    Seven excellent games/apps and happy we contributed.

    BTW, I initially got the TMC error first trying Super KO Boxing 2 that was fixed by restarting phone and also note it is a Great Game.


    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Wife and I have been busy...figuring out what we want to buy. Yikes we want a bunch of stuff and plan to get so far:


    JPyramid - Pyramid Solitaire and my wife's favorite game - [url]

    Mahjong Solitaire - [url]

    Yahtzee - [url]

    UNO - [url= - UNO on Palm Pre[/url]


    Super KO Boxing - [url= - Super KO Boxing 2: Advance Techniques[/url]

    N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance - [url= - N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance on Palm Pre[/url]

    NOVA looks so cool and hopefully my Pre holds up with the extra memory use. I'll also tag some utils that I can't live without and help support the developers who made them happen.

    Doing our part!


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