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    Now that's a great post and a fantastic idea, I'm definitely in.
    The Saint
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    I'm hoping that Palm will have a huge sale for the one-year anniversary of WebOS, and I'm probably going to wait until then to buy my first paid app... I like being a part of stuff
    What Time will not heal, nothing will.
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    Been eying some apps, but haven't decided yet, I will hold my decision till June 6th. Count me in!
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    i already have purchased over a hundred dollars worth of apps... i will purchase another on the 6th
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    sure, why not, heh. my list is:

    weather dashboard
    enjoy sudoku
    word whirl
    Photo Effects Plus is almost there, would like a few more cool creative filters.
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    I've been buying apps since day 1... So yeah I'm in!
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    count me in... there's a few apps I've been thinking about buying.
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    i'll definitely pick up something or two
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    I'm in. Will be looking for a good one.
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    We should all tweet this on June 6th as well just to let other WebOS followers in on it too. It could go viral like "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing."

    I'll be planning to buy Twee2 if it's out by then.
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    I'm in!
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    I downloaded GeoStrings trial yesterday. By Sunday, I should know if it is going to work for me (so far so good).
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    I'm a realist so I'm afraid I can't promise anything although I will try.

    I know that however keen I am now, on June 6th I'll forget so I'll carry on just buying apps as and when.

    I like buying apps, it's so easy.
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    Count me in.
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    I'm all over this. I will promote this at the Baltimore preDevCamp on Saturday.
    - acarback

    aka Roots Up Development
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    thanks everyone for the positive feedback on my idea for this. I'm glad alot of people are in and it's been tweeted by PC and adora and now will be announced at predevcamp.

    I am not a developer (a physician) but I love palm and webOS and I really want to see it succeed. Supporting devs is the best way to keep them developing.

    hope dieter announces this on the podcast as well, the more buyers the better.

    thanks all, and buy some apps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Radio Hibiki has been on a 30% off sale for the past week (at the lowest-allowed price for an app) and will remain there through this next week in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Palm Pre. Fresh off a huge new release, to boot!
    Cool! I'll get that and then I was thinking of getting Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Has anyone played it?
    What Time will not heal, nothing will.
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    already put it in my PALM PRE CALENDER haha. I'll buy 2 apps that day ... .. freshly paid that week \m/ \m/
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    I'm in, maybe I'll buy something besides a sale game lol
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    Im in too!
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
    In a love/hate relationship w/my PalmPre(s) 6/6/09 3/22/10 4/12/10 and 5/5/10 (ops yes I lost one!)

    Its Life - Live it, Love it, PLAY in it
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