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    Hey guys,

    I downloaded Jigsaw when it was free. They now charge for it and there is an update. Every time I go to update it, it says download failed. and wont update.

    Any fixes to this or is this because I downloaded it when it was free and they now charge and they wont allow me to update?

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    I'm sure the devs want you to pay for it now so it would practically be stealing if you had the beta for testing and expected to be able to download the full version for free
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    The dev needs to feed his family too, you know
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    No, you cannot download the update unless you buy the app.
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    there is a free version in the app catalog.
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    I think what he's pointing out is the annoyance of getting the error message every time you click the "Update All" option. But I don't know how to fix that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyceane View Post
    The dev needs to feed his family too, you know
    A pack of Ramen in every download?
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    I have the same question/problem. I don't have Jigsaw on my phone anymore, but every time I reboot it, it says "Download Failed". I had it when it was free and then it became not free and wouldn't update. I doctored my phone -- not because of this issue, but other issues -- and now it tries to reinstall Jigsaw (and one other app) each time I reboot my Pre. How can I get it out of there for good?

    EDIT: Aaaaaaand naturally, as soon as I ask, I figured it out. I just had to tap the exclamation point symbol and instead of choosing "Try Again", I chose "Don't Download". (I had assumed that was more akin to "cancel" than "don't ever download this again", but my assumption was wrong.)

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    When you downloaded it for free, was it in the App catalog, or was it in Beta or Web Catalog or in Homebrew?

    If something was free in the App catalog and then because paid, you should get it for free going forward. This happened with Apps like flightview that gave the original version for free back at launch and then charged later on. But if it was a Beta/Web/HB version, then the "free" version may not translate to the App Catalog version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyceane View Post
    The dev needs to feed his family too, you know
    SO do I and free = more food for the fam! works both ways ya know

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