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    For the third time in about a week it seems all my apps will launch as if this is the first time I have launched them

    Paratrooper sends me to bootcamp, DR. Podder offers to import tech podcasts; tweeme has me connect with twitter again, ect.

    PDK apps are not affected. What could be causing this?
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    I can confirm that my Pre did the exact same thing last week for no apparent reason. I didn't add or delete any patches or apps and did not do any kernel modifications. I opened it up one morning and apps were reset to defaults.
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    Rogers Palm Pre 2 doing the same. what a huge bug that's driving me crazy and for the first time making me think on switching, (I've never said that before)

    I have to setup my Auctionmate account all the time and neato as well, email and calender tells me which accounts I have and have to okay them before going into the app.
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    Take a look at this. This fixed it for me.

    Make sure if you edit this file with internaz that the newline format is in linux under preferences.

    Be very careful when editing this file!!
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    Also, if your device is not shut down or reset correctly then it has no way to save your app settings. If you allowed your battery to die or if you did a battery pull to reset (big NO-NO) then you will most likely loose your settings.

    Only reset the proper way!

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