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    I have been keeping an eye out for an App which I could track my employees time day by day so that I can always have it with me to report it to our accounting firm. All the options out there are for calculating personal time, but I have been waiting for an app to track several employees time. If we actually had spreadsheet editing support I could create my own, but so far no go.

    Has anyone worked on something similar to this, am I just missing an app that I have just overlooked, and is there anyone out there that can create this app for WebOS? Something small that can just track hours per day for several employees, on a bi-week basis.


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    +1 I would also like an app like this. I had one on my Tungsten (T3) and it was great.
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    id also like this, but for the opposite reason. id like to be able to use it to record my own hours for comparison to the amount of hours my check stub has.
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    Well it seems that I am not the only one looking for a simple timesheet app...looks like someone could easily create this app, put it in the catalog and maybe make a few bucks.

    Please someone put in a good word to someone who could create an app that would suite this purpose.

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    the one I used was simple but great. You could set up your different employees with different pay rates, and just choose the clock in/out times with the option to subtract for meals. It also had an overtime option if enabled. What would be nice is the ability to send it out via email as a formated invoice.

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