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    Odd behavior here that I'm wondering if anyone can help with.
    I have a launch day Sprint Pre with uber kernel+govnah, about 20-30 patches, and the glass theme installed. Yesterday I downloaded deer hunter since it was on sale (don't know that this is related but it's the only unusual thing I did) suddenly all my apps on my 3 pages (never bothered adding the addt'l pages patch) were jumbled in a random order on my launcher. I spent about an hour rearranging them in approximately the same order that I recalled them being in and wouldn't you know it the buggers rearranged again..... not sure if they went back to the same random order or a new random order but both times things that were on my 1st page were sometimes now on my 2nd or 3rd and vice versa. Kinda frustrating. I have started using the keyboard more rather then scrolling through all my apps looking for something which works fine BUT I sure wish I knew why it was happening and how to fix it. Any thoughts?
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    ha, mine happen yesterday too. I have the 5x4 v2 and 6 pages of launcher pages. Yesterday everything went hey wire, after a restart, it is back to 3x3 n all the downloaded apps is in the 1st page. Original app in their respective pages.

    The preware still see the 5x4 as installed. But no such effects. Can't removed either.

    anybody knows how to go about? When I try to doctor, it said can't reset the phone.
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    My wife's pre started doing that. I had to doctor her phone. Not sure what the problem was but its been fine since the doctor.

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