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    So lately with, and I just doctored the phone to remove some other issues I had...I've noticed this game is a little more sluggish. There's no music at the start before the main load screen/no animation of the EA logo? Didn't there used to be? Also...I'm now noticing sometimes the video clips play upside-down..***?
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    re-install it ;-)
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    This was after a re-install. When I doctored the phone, everything was wiped. The application re-installed upon initial setup. It was doing this before as well. The doctoring fixed many issues, such as my wifi packet loss and various other system instabilities.
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    I had the same problem too,think it might be cuz from the previous overclocking.. Since a freshly doctored and installing uber kernel,i've not encounter those problems anymore. Try doing that procedure..and see what happen. Good luck.
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    That's actually what I've done (and why I doctored)
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    if problems consist,wipe phone clean and take it to your service provider.
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    Anyone else seeing this? Upside down videos in-game, and I could have sworn the EA logo used to animate and the game played sound during boot/EA logo?

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