I have almost given up completely on the game "Driver". The police get set off by anything, and they won't stop smashing into my vehicle. The Time-Limits are horrible. The controls are horrible. The only way I can find some fun in this game; is if I can activate the Cheats. There is currently 2 Built-in cheats for the game (1. Turns Off The Police. 2. Prevents The Vehicle From Being Damaged). Does anyone have a Save/Restore backup file for that game; where I could activate those Built-in cheats? I don't really know if I want to beat the whole game, but I would like to get to a point where I can drive 10 feet; without having the police smash my car to death!

Just to be clear. I'm talking about the Save/Restore app that can be found on this site, and within Preware; which allows for users to share their Game Backup files. I don't need the game "Driver", because I already have it. I just want to see if it is possibe to get a Save/Restore Backup File, from someone who has beaten a lot of the game, and hopefully was able to Unlock those 2 cheats.

And (Yes) I know I'm a quiter. I have never in my life played a mobile this difficult! I would be shocked if anyone was able to beat a mission or two.